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Happy Monday!

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 09/26/16

It's Monday morning, you walk out to your car and notice a big crack has formed in your windshield! Then you look around... who could have done this to you? why? In reality this happens more often than you probably know. we get calls very often from customers who are upset that something happened to their windshield overnight. While there are certainly some unfortunate cases of intentional damage to windshields, in most cases when you wake up to find a big crack in your windshield it is due to a small chip that has spread. Any time there is a change in temperature, there is a potential for small chips in your windshield to turn into large cracks. Often if the crack is inspected, the original chip can be discovered hiding at the edge of your windshield or perhaps below a wiper blade, out of site. In any case, a large crack can always be fixed by replacing your old windshield with a new one. We make the process easy for you. give us a call or text at 908-494-6088 and set up an appointment for mobile service to take care of it. We can also bill your insurance company directly if you have coverage with a deductible lower than the cost of replacement.

Wind and your windshield

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 09/24/16

The windy weather of Autumn can destroy your windshield! not directly of course, but on the past year alone we have replaced windshields and back glass on vehicles which were damaged by flying debris, toppled basketball hoops and falling tree branches all due to windy conditions. When parking your car, take a moment to look around your car and see what potential hazards are in the area, which might fly into your vehicle's glass during a windstorm. If you are reading this too late... and the damage is already don, the good news is NJ Auto Glass is happy to help you with all your auto glass needs. Give us a call or text at 908-494-6088 for a free no-obligation quote to replace your windshield or other auto glass. We are also able to bill your insurance company directly if your deductible is below the cost of the job.

No Charge Windshield Repair

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 09/20/16

When you have a small chip in your windshield, it is easy to ignore it and reassure yourself that it is not that noticeable... but wait! often that small chip can spread when there is a temperature change and ruin your whole windshield!! why not have us fill in that chip? If you have comprehensive coverage on your car, often the chip fill can be done by us at no cost to you at all. That's right! we will fill the chip, and if you refer your insurance claim to us, we will bill the insurance company. NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE TO YOU! Also of course remember that if you have a windshield that needs to be replaced, we are happy to do that for you as well. In this case we can also gladly bill you insurance company directly. All you need to do is refer the claim to us. NJ Auto Glass 908-494-6088

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