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NJ Auto Glass And Windshield Repair | Mobile Service

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 12/21/14

The windshield on an automobile serves additional purposes besides giving drivers a view of the road. Windshields also offer protection from dust, wind, insects and help to create an aerodynamic surface that reduces drag on your vehicle, which in turn helps increase fuel efficiency.

While technology in automobiles has evolved significantly over the years, the windshields found in most cars essentially feature the same technology as those made by Ford during the early twentieth century, laminated glass. This technology utilizes a layer of plastic laminated between two sheets of glass that prevents the windshield from shattering into dangerous shards upon impact. Instead, laminated glass forms cracks or gets fractured but remains in one piece unless a large force acts upon it.

 There are obvious advantages to this feature in addition to preventing serious injuries. For example, for a minor crack or fracture in the glass you can actually have your windshield repaired rather than having to replace it. On the other hand, the cracks or fractures can worsen over time if nothing is done about them and can cause the windshield to fall apart eventually. Additionally, cracks and fractures can severely compromise visibility leaving you with a dilemma. You need to get your windshield replaced but how do you get it to a workshop safely?

Mobile auto glass service is the solution to your problem; if you cannot get the car to a workshop, get the automotive mechanics to your vehicle. This service essentially involves a mobile unit for an automotive workshop that can repair your car in its present position rather than requiring you to take it to a workshop or garage.

In case of windshield repairs, you can often regain the structural integrity of your windshield and minimize the cracks, fractures or damage to the windshield so your visibility from inside the vehicle is not affected.Windshield repair often takes less time than a replacement and may be done without removing the windshield from the vehicle, thus retaining the original installation, ensuring that there are no leaks and that the glass need not be reinstalled.

Using resin the cracks or fractures can often be minimized to such an extent that they are virtually invisible. However, you will still be left with signs of a crack or fracture at the point of impact although the structural integrity of the windshield is regained.

While windshield replacement takes somewhat longer, it is still highly recommended. Mobile auto glass services make it a far more convenient process than several other types of auto-repair work and one that can be done while you are at work, lunch or simply relaxing. You can choose from either original equipment manufacturer parts or aftermarket parts, allowing for a greater degree of choice.

In addition to windshields, many mobile auto glass service providers may also repair or replace your broken door glass and repair the motors or regulators of your door windows if you have trouble raising or lowering them.

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