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Why a Quality Windshield Replacement Service is Important

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 10/02/13

You might wish to have your windshield replaced for a number of reasons even if the damage is not very significant. Under some circumstances, it may be a better option to have the windshield repaired instead. Windshield repair can help you regain the soundness of your damaged windshield while also minimizing any cosmetic damage as well. On the other hand, repairing is not always a recommended option as your windshield may get shattered, pitted or scratched due to various reasons.

These may include abrasions caused by your car’s
windscreen wipers clearing sand and salt in areas where sand and salt are required to increase traction and melt ice. More commonly, damage may be caused by road debris or gravel splashed onto your windshield by other vehicles. Occasionally, hail or storm damage is also a cause for damaged windshields.

The reasons for needing to
replace the windshield aside, ensuring that the windshield installation is done properly is critical to your safety on the road. This is because while windshields are designed to protect you from wind, dust and insects, they also support the roof and provide structural integrity to the car. Car makers have to adhere to strict standards of the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) and there are specific rules related to windshield mounting.
Therefore, if you are having your
windshield repaired, you have to ensure that it is done properly. This includes ensuring that the proper adhesive (in most cases urethane) is used and the windshield itself is of an acceptable quality. Other than these factors, the auto glass replacement service also ensures that the installation process does not damage the car and any other parts that had to be removed to facilitate the installation of the windshield have been properly reinstalled.
Perhaps most importantly of all, the
auto glass replacement service should ensure that the windshield is set properly so that it supports the roof. All materials used should meet the FMVSS 212 and 219 standards while the vehicle itself must conform to the FMVSS 216 standard (which specifies requirements for roof crush resistance over the passenger compartment) after the windshield is replaced.
In many modern cars, the
windshield also serves another important purpose; it provides support to passenger side airbags during deployment. However, an improper installation may lead to the side airbags not deploying in the event of a collision or accident. Therefore the importance of ensuring that your windshield is installed properly is paramount to your safety.
To ensure that your
windshield replacement is done properly, you should visit a reliable auto glass service. NJ Payless Auto Glass  provides quality services to you and our mobile installers will even perform repairs or replacements at your home, office or wherever you vehicle is located free of cost and you can get a quote from us in less than five minutes. 

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