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Mobile Glass Replacement | Windshield Replacement | Car Glass New Jersey

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 12/15/14

The Best Windshield Replacement New Jersey Has To Offer!

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Mobile Glass Replacement

We are able to dispatch to your where you live, work as well as almost any other destination which is the most practical for your needs and repair or replace your auto glass on location.

Experienced Technicians

With years of experience under their belts, our installation technicians will perform the job right the first time. Rest easy knowing your car's glass was properly installed by a professional.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Information

Windshield Replacement


  • Installation Workmanship: Every installation of a windshield by NJ Payless Auto Glass is guaranteed against air and water leaks for as long as you own or lease your vehicle, except leakage due to body deterioration. We do not warranty against rock chips or where damage occurs due to an accident, theft, acts of nature, or self-inflicted damage.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: Our windshields are guaranteed by the manufacturer for no more than ninety (90) days against stress cracks, distortion, molding fit and glass fit.


Windshield Repair

We back every repair we do with an anti-crack guarantee. If the original damaged area begins to develop cracks in the same location as before, we will credit the cost of the repair against the cost of a full windshield replacement; but only when NJ Payless Auto Glass performs both services.

Who Are We?

NJ Payless Auto Glass is a family  owned auto glass company in North and Central New Jersey. We provide car glass installation services and windshield repair at honest prices with friendly helpful service; when you aren't completely happy, we're not happy. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty backs each and every windshield we install. This keeps you protected for as long as you own your vehicle against both air and water leaks. Mobile service is Free anywhere in the North and Central New Jersey area. Our repairs and replacements are performed on site either at your job, home or any place that is convenient for you. A windshield replacement can normally be completed in under an hour by our certified and skilled installers. You can schedule a time over the phone to have a technician install your glass as soon as tomorrow. Same day mobile auto glass replacement is also possible depending on location, glass availability and the time of the call. We ensure your vehicle's glass replacement will meet or exceed D.O.T. standards by adhering to stringent installation procedures. You can trust your windshield replacement in New Jersey to the experts at NJ Payless Auto Glass.


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NJ Payless Auto Glass will never compromise any aspect of our service.

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 12/10/14

Auto glass is a vital component to the structural integrity of your   vehicle , therefore NJ Payless  Auto Glass will never compromise any aspect of   our service. 

Experienced Technicians 

Rest assured!  Our technicians have countless years of   experience replacingauto glass with the utmost professionalism  and  personable servicing possible.  We ensure that every technician has our   core principles embedded into their work.  Therefore, we guarantee all   their work for a lifetime!  

Mobile Service

Here at NJ Payless Auto Glass, we   understand how busy your lifestyle is and how inconvenient it is to take time out of your busy schedule to get your auto glass replaced. That is why NJ Payless Auto Glass comes to you!  Whether it may be at the   convenience of your home, or the parking lot of your workplace, our experienced technicians will gladly provide our services at a place of your choosing.


Auto glass serviced in the U.S. are   required to pass National Highway Traffic Safety Administration baseline   standards.  However, do not be fooled; many auto glass companies   attempt to sell you low grade glass to cut costs!
Here at NJ Payless Auto Glass, we only use highest grade auto glass and   parts (OEM/OEE). We provide you with your choice of Original Equipment   Manufacturer (OEM) or Original equipment Equivalent (OEE).  All our non   OEM glass (OEE) is purchased from high quality, award winning   manufacture companies; most of which provide vehicle manufacturers with   their OEM glass.
Not only do we purchase our glass from award winning companies, we   inspect every single glass that we get our hands on through a rigorous   inspection process we have setup; this is just another way we can ensure   satisfaction and peace of mind for you.

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Public Safety Announcement - Windshield Safety - NJ Auto Glass

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 12/10/14

                             Public Safety Announcement - Windshield Safety

Driving with a cracked windshield can mean more than a simple aesthetic flaw or minor annoyance. A cracked windshield is a safety risk to you and your passengers. Damage to your windshield may affect your ability to drive and how your vehicle may respond in a crash.

Impaired Vision:

?   Depending on where it’s situated, the windshield crack may cause an obstructed view of the road or the driver’s surroundings. No matter where the crack is, it is likely that a driver will look at that spot to navigate through traffic. Cracks in the windshield can be large enough to cause a blind spot. Since reaction time is of the utmost importance while driving, a blind spot can cause you to strike another car, an animal or a person crossing the road.

Airbag Deployment:

?   When an airbag deploys, particularly a passenger-side airbag, it strikes the windshield in many models. If a windshield is cracked, it may not be strong enough to withstand the sudden impact of the airbag from inside the vehicle. If the windshield fails, the airbag may not deploy properly, and the passenger could sustain unnecessary injuries.

Structural Weakness:

?   The windshield can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle’s cab if it is cracked. Windshields are designed to fit tightly into place and reinforce the stability of the car’s roof. According to ADOT, the windshield and the rear window play an important role in supporting the roof of a vehicle. If an automobile is involved in a crash and rolls onto its roof, a cracked windshield will make it easier for the weight of the car to collapse on the seating area and the people in those seats. The thick windshield glass, without a crack, helps to reinforce the roof so that it stays in place when more force is added to it. 

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