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The Importance of a Properly Installed Windshield | NJ Auto Glass

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 12/06/14


The Importance of a Properly Installed Windshield

The importance of a properly installed windshield cannot be over-stated. Over the years, the windshield has played an ever-increasing role in the safety of the modern automobile. Whether it's the interaction with your passenger side air bag, the integrity of your roof should you be involved in a rollover accident, or simply keeping you safely inside your vehicle, you owe it to yourself and the ones you love to make sure that when you have your windshield replaced, it's done right.
There are many components of a properly and safely installed windshield. It all starts with the removal of your damaged windshield. It sounds simple, but if it is not done properly, the effects can be disastrous. Our technicians are fully trained and have access to the best tools and equipment available to ensure that this first step is done correctly so that your new windshield will display the same fit, finish and above all, structural integrity that your vehicle had when it rolled out of the factory.
Another important component is the urethane, or more succinctly, the glue, that bonds your new windshield to your vehicle. We use the most advanced urethane systems available, offering the fastest safe drive-away times in the industry. This is typically an area where auto glass companies will try and save money. Not us. Most inexpensive urethanes on the market offer safe drive away times of 24 to 48 hours. Whether or not you use NJ Payless Auto Glass, please ask about this and make sure you're getting the straight facts about how soon after your windshield is installed your vehicle is safe to drive.
The other major component of a windshield installation is the windshield itself. At NJ Payless Auto Glass, we only use OEM quality glass in our installations. We buy our glass primarily from Pilkington, the largest manufacturer of OEM glass in the world. Using OEM quality glass ensures that the new windshield that we install, is structurally identical to the original windshield installed when your vehicle was manufactured. Along with using sub par urethane, some glass shops will simply look for the cheapest glass available, regardless of whether or not it conforms to your vehicle manufacturer's rigid specifications and standards for aftermarket glass.
  • OEM Quality glass and urethane at an affordable price
  • Specialize in all makes and models – Foreign and Domestic
  • Conveniently will repair or replace your windshield
  • Every repair and replacement comes with our LIFETIME Warranty
  • Experienced and professional auto glass technicians
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NJ Payless Auto Glass is located at 134 W. Westfield Avenue, Roselle Park, New Jersey. We primarily service Roselle Park, Edison, Newark, Paramus, Jersey City, and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are available Monday though Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm.

NJ Payless Auto Glass prides ourselves with excellent same day service and our mobile service. NJ Payless Auto Glass uses only top-quality replacement auto glass and parts from the industry leading manufacturers. All materials meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.



  • Call today for a free price quote! (908) 494 6088

New Jersey windshield replacement service to get your window fixed

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 12/06/14

One of the most unfortunate things that can happen when you own a vehicle is having the windows crack or get smashed. A small rock can cause a significant amount of damage to your windshield, initially leaving a small mark, but, if left untreated, it can begin to crack the entire windshield. Once you notice even a small chip in your windshield, you should act quickly to get the window repaired as soon as possible.

When looking for the best New Jersey windshield replacement service to get your window fixed, keep the professionals at NJ Payless Auto Glass Experts in mind. NJ Payless Auto Glass Experts employs highly trained and skilled window specialists to repair your car’s window damage. NJ Payless Auto Glass Experts’ car window replacement in NEW JERSEY is a convenient service that can be done on site. The process of windshield replacement in NEW JERSEY is quick and painless for our professional staff, and comes at a very affordable cost to you. Most insurance will actually cover the cost of New Jersey windshield replacement, so check into that before you go with just any company to replace your car window.

One of the key benefits of using NJ Payless Auto Glass Experts is that we provide mobile service and can come to your location to repair or replace your windshield. As long as you live in New Jersey area, we will come directly to your home or place of business. Imagine going to work with a damaged windshield, and then leaving work with it entirely fixed! With our mobile service this is what we can do for you when you find yourself in need of window replacement in New Jersey.

New Jersey  Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

NJ Payless Glass uses the highest quality, OEM glass (original equipment manufacturer), factory approved sealers and state of the art windshield repair techniques for our auto glass replacement and cracked windshield repair services.

Safety is our #1 priority

NJ Payless Glass uses only certified technicians with many years of auto glass experience. We comply with all Federal and DOT standards, and AGRSS (auto glass replacement safety standards), which are among the strictest in the industry.

The best service in New Jersey

Our certified auto glass repair technician will come to your New Jersey home, business, or wherever you may be, the same day! 

 Lifetime Warranty

Feel secure with our premium lifetime warranty 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our quality replacement services, we guarantee to follow the job through to your complete satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied!

We are #1 in Quality and service, and proud of it!

If you need a Quality auto glass repair or replacement, installed by a certified technician, using factory replacement techniques, and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty for workmanship and safety, call the company who cares. Call "NJ Payless Auto Glass".  (908) 494 6088

NJ Payless Auto Glass

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 11/17/14

Auto glass is a vital component to the structural integrity of your   vehicle , therefore NJ Payless  Auto Glass will never compromise any aspect of   our service. 

Experienced Technicians 

Rest assured!  Our technicians have countless years of   experience replacingauto glass with the utmost professionalism  and  personable servicing possible.  We ensure that every technician has our   core principles embedded into their work.  Therefore, we guarantee all   their work for a lifetime!  

Mobile Service

Here at NJ Payless Auto Glass, we   understand how busy your lifestyle is and how inconvenient it is to take time out of your busy schedule to get your auto glass replaced. That is why NJ Payless Auto Glass comes to you!  Whether it may be at the   convenience of your home, or the parking lot of your workplace, our experienced technicians will gladly provide our services at a place of your choosing.


Auto glass serviced in the U.S. are   required to pass National Highway Traffic Safety Administration baseline   standards.  However, do not be fooled; many auto glass companies   attempt to sell you low grade glass to cut costs!
Here at NJ Payless Auto Glass, we only use highest grade auto glass and   parts (OEM/OEE). We provide you with your choice of Original Equipment   Manufacturer (OEM) or Original equipment Equivalent (OEE).  All our non   OEM glass (OEE) is purchased from high quality, award winning   manufacture companies; most of which provide vehicle manufacturers with   their OEM glass.
Not only do we purchase our glass from award winning companies, we   inspect every single glass that we get our hands on through a rigorous   inspection process we have setup; this is just another way we can ensure   satisfaction and peace of mind for you.

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