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Tips & Hints for Clean Car Window Glass

by NJ Payless Auto Glass on 10/01/13

Clean auto glass is one of the main aspects of a good, thorough car detailing. However cleaning your auto glass requires more than a spray bottle of windex and a paper towel. By understanding the fundamentals of proper auto glass cleaning, as well as some helpful tips, it is possible to have a successful glass cleaning session that yields great results.

Clean Glass Facts

Having clean glass window is important for aesthetic as well as safety reasons. Cloudy, dirty, and smeared windshield glass results in poor visibility. This can increase the chances of road accidents and mishaps especially when driving at night. Finding the techniques and tips to keep your car glass in top condition is the best solution for optimal safety.

The first order of business when attempting to clean your automotive glass is to gather the appropriate supplies. You will need to select a glass cleaner that is made for cleaning auto glass and some of the tips to keep in mind when making your selection are:

  • Never use an ammonia based solution
  • Steer away from household glass cleaners
  • Use a specialized formula for tinted windows
  • Use a microfiber towel when cleaning

Microfiber Benefits

When cleaning your auto glass, it is best to use a microfiber towel for best results. Microfiber towels are specifically made to clean surfaces such as glass that can be easily scratched. They have a porous and absorbent surface which soaks up any excess water while also providing a scrubbing texture for removing debris. Once you have cleaned the glass, you can turn the towel over to the dry side and use this side to buff and wipe away any remaining streaks. Microfiber glass cleaning towels are the ideal companions to an ammonia free glass cleaning solution.

Using a Glass Restorer

Once you have cleaned your windows and auto glass with a safe solution and microfiber towel, you may want to consider using a glass restorer. This is a specially formulated solution that can clear the cloudiness from your auto glass. It can be applied using a polisher or simply by hand with a glass safe towel. Glass restorers can leave your car looking the way it did when you first purchased it with sparkling clear glass. It is a nice finish to a thorough glass cleaning session.

Cleaning the windows should be the last part of the car detailing process so as to ensure no debris from other areas falls on the freshly cleaned glass. Using the above tips and hints, you can achieve remarkable results for cleaner more vibrant auto glass.

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